Achieve Balance in Your Life

If you experience stress, anxiety or depression, you are not alone.

If you feel “off” or out of balance, it’s not all in your head.

If you aren’t even sure what good health feels like anymore and are overwhelmed or frustrated trying to figure out how to regain your health, join the club.

Your body is telling you that something is out of balance.

Now is the time to take notice and act.

We get out of balance in many ways. Our physical body may manifest this as an illness or pain. Life’s challenges affect our thoughts and emotions which can lead to anxiety, confusion or depression. Sometimes we just don’t feel quite right, and this may be an early warning sign that things are getting out of whack. Your body always wants to be in balance and sometimes just needs a little help.

If you are like many of my patients and students, you have found your way here because you want to take charge of your well-being and are ready to explore the tools to help your body heal and be free of the effects of today’s stress-filled lifestyles.

When your body, mind and soul are in balance, you are healthy and feel great!


How I will support you along your journey to wellness:

  • I will listen to your concerns and then tailor a wellness approach focused on your individual needs. There’s no cookie cutter approach. You are unique and deserve an individualized plan of action.
  • I will focus on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of your illness using time tested practices to bring about balance and wellness.
  • I will be an advocate to help you navigate the confusion of treatment strategies, diets and exercise programs so you are in the drivers seat on your path to health.

I love helping my patients and care about your health.  I want you to enjoy a pain-free body and perform at your very best.  I know you will experience more energy and have less stress with this medicine.  

If you are ready to own your health and thrive, contact me to learn how acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition can bring the balance you need to live life to the fullest.


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