3 Ways Chinese Medicine Addresses Men’s Health

We all know it’s important to pay attention to our health. This month is Men’s Health month, so we’ll be discussing how Chinese medicine can benefit men’s health.

Men jogging through park

Many health issues plague men, such as heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, digestive issues and erectile dysfunction. Some of these health concerns affect men differently than women. For example, men are more likely to gain weight around their midsection due to higher testosterone levels. Fat around the waist increases the risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Here are some additional facts about Men’s health that might surprise you:

  • Men are 24% less likely than a woman to have visited a health care practitioner in the last year.
  • 40% of men are smokers compared to 9% of women. Smoking can not only cause cancer, but can cause erectile dysfunction and damage to the DNA in sperm which may lead to infertility.
  • Depression may be different for men. Emotional and physical tension are signs of stress and may put you at risk for anxiety and other health problems. Men make up over 75% of suicide victims in the United States.
  • Over 50% of men in their 60s and as many as 90% in their 70s or older have symptoms of an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
  • Men are more frequently diagnosed with serious digestive conditions. What starts as heartburn or GERD can become more serious if left untreated.

How can Chinese Medicine help?

Here are three areas of men’s health where Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Diet Therapy are helpful.

Prostate Health and Erectile Dysfunction

As men age, it’s common for the prostate to enlarge, leading to problems like frequent urination, difficulty urinating, pain or erectile dysfunction. Acupuncture can help alleviate these problems by targeting specific points in the lower abdomen and promoting blood flow. Moreover, studies have shown that acupuncture can alleviate side-effects of chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer, such as fatigue, nausea, and pain. Herbal medicines can address the root causes of these issues such as poor circulation, hormone imbalances or emotional stress. There are also specific foods that can benefit men’s health, such as pumpkin seeds for prostate health, goji berries for vitality, and black rice for kidney health.

Heart Health

Acupuncture has been shown to have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. In fact, one study showed that patients receiving acupuncture combined with usual care had greater positive patient outcomes than patients receiving only drug therapy. By integrating Chinese medicine into your heart healthy lifestyle, you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 80%. Steps to prevention include managing high blood pressure and cholesterol, quitting smoking, eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, physical activity, reducing stress and improved sleep – all of which can be helped with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Digestive Issues

In Chinese medicine, diet is seen as a crucial aspect of overall health. We can point you in the right direction there so that your digestive system is getting what it needs for a healthy microbiome. Acupuncture and herbal medicines are also great choices for digestive issues and can work quickly so you can avoid more heavy-duty medications. Most men don’t realize that some digestive problems could actually be caused by depression, anxiety or stress and we can address the impact to the digestive system that is caused by mental and emotional upsets.

Chinese medicine has a lot to offer when it comes to men’s health. From acupuncture to herbal medicine, and diet, there are many options available that can be tailored to your specific needs. Making healthy choices includes consulting health professionals and becoming educated on the preventative measures that are important for your health. Our approach is individualized, and the goal is to restore balance and enhance overall well-being.