Acupuncture for Back to School Stress

Getting the kids back to school can be stressful!  Summer break is over and now there’s shopping to do to get the endless list of school supplies and clothing.  Homework is back on the table as are stricter bedtimes for the kids. Back to school stressKids are excited and anxious about what the new year will bring.  And if you have more than one child, are sending one off to college, or are a teacher, the stress can be multiplied. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.  

Are you wishing for more energy, more focus, less stress and better sleep?  You may be saying “I’d be happy to just have one of these.”   But really it’s not too much to expect from regular acupuncture treatments.

Research shows that chronic stress can have a cumulative effect on our physical well-being.  Our response to stress affects the autonomic nervous system (fight-or-flight/rest-and-restore), as well as our cardiovascular, metabolic and immune systems.  Even everyday stressors can have long term consequences especially when combined with a poor diet and reduced exercise. This goes for kids as well as the adults who care for them.  Sleep disturbances, headaches, stomach aches and behavior changes like anxiety and depression are common symptoms of stress.

Acupuncture’s role:

Stress and anxiety are helped by acupuncture as it triggers the production of our natural feel-good hormones and brings the autonomic nervous system back into balance. It acts on areas of the brain known to reduce sensitivity to pain and stress promoting relaxation and deactivating the “analytical” brain which is responsible for anxiety and worry. This brings you out of “fight or flight” mode so that you can get rest and restore your energy.   Also important in the new school year is boosting your immune system to protect you from both the effects of stress and the latest illness that’s going around at school. In addition to the immunity boost, many people have more energy in the hours, days and even weeks after acupuncture treatment. Patients notice improved mental clarity, which is important when exam week comes around, and you are juggling 15 things at once. It helps to strengthen your constitution.

When deadlines, tests and extracurricular activities get a bit overwhelming, acupuncture is great at boosting the immune system, relieving headaches (including migraines), as well as reducing anxiety and depression. Sleeping problems are one of the most common complaints by students, teachers, and parents alike, and acupuncture can be highly effective at resolving that as well.

Student athletes – Well-documented studies have proven repeatedly the positive effects of acupuncture in reducing pain.  Acupuncture causes the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, increases blood circulation important for healing, and loosens tight muscles.  Cupping can also be very helpful as well. I even have some trauma liniment made from an ancient Chinese recipe that has proven very successful in healing injuries such as sprains, muscle strains, bruising, and even speeding the healing of broken bones.  It’s used frequently in the martial arts.

Relief of stress and anxiety, immunity bolstering, better sleep, and more energy?  Who doesn’t need that? Now you know who to call for Back-to-School Wellness Appointments for you and your family.  Can’t get in right away?  Try these 3 Tips to cope until you can.

shonishinBTW –  If you are wondering if I treat children and whether or not I stick needles into kids… the answer is a definite “Yes” I do treat children, and “No”  I don’t use needles inserted into the skin if they are under the age of 7 for boys and age 8 for girls, and only “maybe” with older children and teens if they are cool with it. With children, I will use shoni-shin or teishin techniques – both are acupuncture without inserting a needle into the skin.  The needle or other tool is simply placed on the skin, not inserted. Only a few acupuncture points are used and it is usually very fast. These methods of acupuncture are of Japanese Acupuncture style that is quite effective.