Insurance Questions

Does your insurance cover Acupuncture? You’ll want to contact your insurance company to find out (find the phone number on the back of your insurance card). Insurance benefits can be complicated, so we’ve compiled this information along with a list of questions for you to ask to be sure you understand your insurance benefits as they relate to Acupuncture.

Things to Know:

Balanced Energy Wellness is only in-network with the Veterans Administration Community Care Network. We are out-of-network with all other insurance carriers. That means you’ll need to verify that your insurance will cover Acupuncture performed out-of-network.

Veterans who want to use VA Benefits must have a referral for Acupuncture from their VA Primary Care doctor through the VA Community Care Program. Learn more about that program here.

Currently, Medicare will cover Acupuncture for back pain only, and only if performed under the supervision of a Medical Doctor. Since we are not supervised by a Medical Doctor, it is, in effect, not covered. If you have supplemental insurance, you should contact the insurance company to find out if you are covered.

Information you’ll need to provide to the Insurance company: (have your insurance card handy)

  • Your Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Member ID Number
  • Group Number (if any)

Questions you’ll want to ask your Insurance Company:

  • Does your plan cover Acupuncture? Yes / no
  • Do you have Out-of-Network benefits for Acupuncture? Yes/No
  • Do you need a referral or a prior authorization? Yes / no
  • What is your deductible for out-of-network coverage? Have you met this deductible?
  • What is your share of the cost of visits? Co-insurance: % paid by you after you meet your out-of-network deductible. Co-pay: A fixed amount you pay at each visit.
  • How many visits per year are covered under your plan?
  • Does the plan cover acupuncture ONLY for specific conditions? (Some plans will only cover for things like back pain). Are there any specific conditions that ARE NOT covered?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you should have a good idea of whether or not your insurance will cover your Acupuncture visits. Here’s how we work with you and your insurance company.

  • If you have out-of-network benefits for Acupuncture, but have not met your deductible, we will collect the payment for services at the time of your visit, and will provide you with a Superbill that you can turn into your insurance company so that it will go against your deductible.
  • If you have out-of-network benefits and you have met your deductible, we will collect any co-insurance and/or co-pay and will file the insurance claim on your behalf.
  • If you do not have out-of-network benefits for Acupuncture, you may choose to use your HSA/FSA card for payment. We will provide a receipt for you to turn in.
  • No insurance? We accept any major credit card, check or cash.

Still have questions? Give us a call and we’ll help you sort through it.