Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Whether it’s Grandma Jones who has arthritis, or your sister who is always stressed out,  we’ve got just what you need to give them a gift of wellness.   Tis the Season for Giving! 

Gift Baskets

The Weight Loss Gift Basket includes Microgard +,  a wonderful herbal formula that not only helps with digestive problems, but regulates the gut microbiota, stimulates an increase in digestive enzymes and helps break down proteins, fats and sugars, affecting the whole metabolism and helping to reduce body weight.  I’m combining that with Sweet Change to help get that sweet tooth under control. It’s a mouth spray that eliminates sugar and food cravings and supports healthy blood sugar levels. Additionally my Tibetan Herbal Footsoaks will increase your blood circulation as if you have been exercising, will reduce pain and give you more energy. This combo will give you a great start toward meeting your body weight goals in the New Year.

For those who need to reduce stress and improve sleep, I’m offering a Stress Relief Gift Basket that includes my Stress Free Tea, an herbal formula in tea form that calms irritability and moodiness, and regulates sleep, and Rescue Formula, a formula that settles the mind, and eases depression, anxiety, insomnia and that feeling of being “out of sorts”.  I’m also including an Organic Neck Wrap that can be heated in the microwave or crock pot and placed around the neck and shoulders to relax the tension than many of us carry in that area.

The Pain Relief Gift Basket includes Zheng Xie Gu Shui, also known as “Evil Bone Water” – a Chinese herbal liniment that has been used by martial artists for hundreds of years for sprains, and bruising, as well as muscle and joint pain.  I’m also adding Charlotte’s Web Hemp CBD Oil that is useful for pain and healthy recovery from exercise, and the Tibetan Herbal Footsoaks that increase circulation and reduce pain.  

Stocking Stuffers that show you care about the health of your loved one include CBD Oils (both internal and topical), Evil Bone Water, Stress Free Tea, Tibetan Herbal Footsoaks, Microgard+, the Organic Neck Wrap and more.  I can also customize a gift basket for you. Stop by the clinic to see all we have available.  Gift Baskets and stocking stuffers are only available at the clinic and supplies are limited.

Gift Cards

Just in time for Holiday Giving, you can now purchase gift cards online.  I’m offering several options for new patients:

  • Consultation only – $59, For new patients, this can be used to discuss how Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Therapy and/or Movement may be able to help meet your wellness goals.  This amount can be applied to a Full New Patient Appointment.
  • Full New Patient Appointment – $130, for new patients, this includes a consultation and Acupuncture Treatment or Basic Nutrition Plan customized for the patient.
  • A 6 Treatment Package (includes initial New Patient appointment + 5 additional treatments). $550

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